Dark Revelations in Dragon Ball Legends


Dragon Ball Legends provides a lot of combat strategy and action-packed missions to both old and new players that keep the game alive and anticipated by the players every other update. While the players are busy fighting against other players and are distracted with their goal of increasing the power of their lineup, the game devs are also doing their job in developing the story of the game characters in Dragon Ball Legends.

However, Dragon Ball Legends does not just focus on letting players fight against other players to increase their battle rank. Instead, the game has a story mode that is also necessary to progress in order to unlock and obtain new Dragon Ball Legends characters and collect rewards for completion.

For this article, we will be unveiling the secrets of some DBL characters that showcase a round character that will surely surprise everyone as they turn out as the main antagonist of the game. If you are curious about the game’s main storyline, consider starting your own account or get one from the Dragon Ball Legends account for sale.

Warning: This article provides spoilers and information that you may see in the later part of the game. Read at your own risk.

The Story of Dragon Ball Legends’ Main Antagonist

From the beginning, the players are already aware of the existence of some of the villains in the game such as Frieza, Buu, and Broly. However, there is a more powerful and more evil character in the game who is dressed in sheep’s clothing. 


Cutting to the chase of the story, Zahha is the main villain in Dragon Ball Legends. At first, he introduces himself as an ally to Shallot but turns out that he is a traitor who will also kill Shallot with his own hands.

With all his evil plans, Zahha recruited Giblet, Majin Buu, Demon Prince Vegeta, Android 13, and Zamasu to make his plans work. Additionally, he manipulated Babidi to be part of his team to be used as a puppet leader.


Zahha’s main goal is to defeat the strong characters and strengthen other characters using the dark ki to make them the strongest. 

After all these betrayals, it turns out that Zahha is the mastermind of the Tournament of Time where he plays the role of a competitor. Plus, it is also noted the Dabura stated the Zahha might have come from the Demon realm.

After all his evildoings, Zahha was defeated by the hands of the Majin.

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