Reasons to Use Disposable Paper Cups for Your Restaurant


Disposable products – cups, spoons, forks, plates etc., are a wonderful invention. Those of us in the restaurant business would attest to that. Reusable tableware might take the prize in aesthetics and longevity, but disposables stand out for their convenience, hygiene, maintenance and various other factors. There are plenty of reasons behind that. But we’ll get back to that in a while.

Among the many “use and throw” products that find their use in restaurants, one is disposable paper cups. Regular cups, those made from ceramic, steel or glass, work great. However, restaurants usually have a limited supply of these, regardless of their size and scale of operations. There will be times when you find you’ve used each one of them. In such a situation, it’s these nice little cups made from paper that come to your rescue. You can stock as many of these as you want without worries. If you haven’t tried them for your restaurant yet, you should. This article will tell you why. 

Brand recognition

What’s the main purpose behind giving your customers cups? To allow them to drink something out of it, right? But wait a minute. How about achieving brand recognition while doing it, effortlessly. Every time your customers hold a cup while sipping their favourite beverage, they should be reminded of you. And the way to do that is through custom printing. Choose a supplier who provides these products while giving you the option of custom printing. Your company’s name, logo, symbol – it could be anything as long as it’s clearly visible. 

It’s cheaper in the long run

Paper is cheaper than ceramic or glass. Having one of your staff members drop a couple of these accidentally will set you back several bucks. No such issue with paper cups. They do not break. But that’s not the only thing that works in their favour. Unlike reusable ones, they do not require washing or cleaning. Your dishwasher does less work, which means lower bills in the long run. You can also order a lot of these at once and still not incur the same expense as you would while buying a couple of cups made of reusable materials. 

Much more hygienic and convenient

Your dishwasher does an incredible job, and you’re a stickler for hygiene. But even all that cleaning and washing might not convince some customers about the cup being completely clean. Even the minutest stain might set off alarm bells for a customer. That could be bad for your reputation. Using disposables is the best way to avoid such embarrassment. Your customers will have a drink, and once they’re done, ensure that it reaches the place where it belongs – the dustbin. No hassle at all.

The convenience factor is equally true. Many customers might find a cup too small, or too large, despite you having reusable ones of different sizes and shapes in your collection. Others might want to take the drink outside, enjoying the beverage as they take a walk or drive to their next appointment. Just hand them over a “use and throw” cup and watch them smile. Your staff will also be one happy lot, since lesser cups means lesser work drying and organising them. 

Work excellently for various beverages

Sure, disposable cups made from paper are usually meant for coffee. And for many, the experience of sipping a cuppa is complete only when it’s done from a paper cup. But coffee isn’t the only liquid they’ll be drinking from it. You could serve water, milkshake, ice tea, hot chocolate – and so many other items that are on your menu. It’s also good for the customers health wise, since paper doesn’t cause allergic reactions or other complications. Buying disposable paper cups for your restaurant will benefit you in more ways than one. They’re cheap, functional and sturdy, all qualities that you need in an item used for serving beverages. The next time you need extra cups, ditch the reusables, choose paper.

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