Sitting Pretty: How To Choose The Perfect Pink Office Chair For Your Workspace

Pink Office Chair

Let’s be honest, work sucks. Anything you can do to brighten up your work area can help keep your mood up when you’re dredging through the trenches. Finding a beautiful art piece on the wall or a unique sculpture or figurine can keep you company at your desk. Perhaps even a pop of color from a pink office chair?

Shopping for your perfect pink chair addition to your office is a breeze once you take some time to consider what you want. There are always tons of features or slight differences between products, allowing you to really zero in on a specific look or feel that you want.

To get started with your chair search, ask yourself these four questions.

1) Do I Want to Be Able to Roll Around My Pink Office Chair?

Ah, the ease of the glide, rolling your chair from place to place. When you need to be able to get to different places in your room, having wheels on your chair can really be helpful. Allowing you to quickly get from your computer spot to the printer in a flash. With this option you’ll also have to think about how a particular chair will be able to roll around on the floor in your office.

2) A Place to Rest Your Arms or Freedom of Movement at Your Sides?

Thankfully, you can find a pink office chair with or without arms. Really, it seems to come down to some people wanting the arm rests and some not. For example, if you’re someone who likes to take a break from the “clickety-clack” of your keyboard and jam on a guitar for a minute, no arms are really the way to go. However, if you’re going to do a lot of gaming, you may want a place for your arms to rest!

3) What Type of Material Would You Prefer for Your Pink Chair?

Nowadays there’s so many different types of materials available for office chairs. You get the mesh backed versions that are great when you’re trying to keep cool. There are plain plastic ones if you’re in an area where things can get messy. Or you can go the luxury route and get a super soft microfiber, keeping your backside in glorious comfort.

4) How Easy Is It For You To Keep That Chair Clean and the Perfect Pink?

Before you hit that buy button, take to mind what it’s going to take to keep that particular chair clean. You don’t want that pink to fade to a dirty looking gray. Having it fresh and just as pink as the day you bought it is important. Think about what you do in your office and read customer reviews to see how their chairs faired over time.

Pretty in Pink is Not Just for the Big Screen

After taking some time to consider the points above, you should have a good idea on what you’re looking for in a pink office chair. Materials and chair features are really top things to go over before “pulling the trigger” on purchasing a chair. Remember, if you’re stuck on a product give a scroll through the reviews. You can gain a lot of insight from other people who have already bought!

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